Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The decision to enroll in the MA program at DEH after completing my graduation from BUET has been the most daring and rewarding endeavor I have ever undertaken. I have always had a passion for literature and coming to ULAB was a response to that call. Here, I went through an incredible academic journey and I will cherish this experience forever. At DEH I felt privileged to learn from teachers who are not only the leading scholars of the country but also very student-friendly and cooperative. The curriculum is designed to offer students in-depth knowledge in the relevant fields and familiarize them with the contemporary thoughts of global academia. DEH also helps to enhance communication and extracurricular skills by regularly organizing local and international conferences, workshops, club and cultural activities which create a platform for idea sharing and skill development. The MA program, aside from helping students with their career choices, serves as a home to those who are passionate about knowledge and learning, and willing to set about intellectual adventures and scholarly pursuits. DEH has expanded the horizon of my universe and I am happy and grateful to be a part of this great department.

S A M Raihanur Rahman (MA – Batch 171)
Assistant Engineer, Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited, Bangladesh

My journey in DEH, ULAB started in 2010 when I was an aspiring teen with big dreams of becoming a successful teacher one day. The beginning was a bit shaky but the very first encounter with the lectures made me fall in love with my department and discovering that English studies at ULAB had a scientific side to it motivated me even more.

DEH gave me the intellectual setting in which to explore new ideas in an environment that is supportive, welcoming and encouraging. The extracurricular activities further boosted my confidence and developed leadership skills. I will always be grateful to the department and to ULAB for making me the leader I believe I am today. “

Saima Akter (Batch 101)
Gold Medalist &Summa Cum Laude
Recipient of Dean’s List Scholarship Award (BA) Recipient of Vice-Chancellor’s Award (BA)
Senior Lecturer, United International University

DEH will provide you with a creative platform to showcase your talent in its magazine Muse, and in its clubs, such as ‘Paper Canoe – ULAB Literary Society’ or at the English Zone as peer tutor. From writing scripts or acting, dancing, painting and debating, your skills are valued and appreciated here. You will soon emerge.

Jackline Pew Bose (BA – Batch 133; MA – Batch 173)
Summa Cum Laude
Recipient of Dean’s List Scholarship (BA) Recipient of Named Scholarship (BA) Vice Chancellor’s Honors List Scholarship (MA)

The knowledge, expertise, and the experience that the Department of English and Humanities provided has not only been the building blocks of my future, but has also played a major part in building who I am today. DEH is like a home to me. It made me believe in myself and helped me to discover my potentials even before I could see it myself. It changed my life so positively that I came out of my cocoon, took challenges, received inspiration to think out of the box and reinvent myself. This was possible because DEH has the best faculty members who are so experienced that with them it feels as though education and knowledge do not end in the class. Their guidance and profound ideas have always motivated me to keep learning. The knowledge that I gathered from their lectures and from the intriguing courses that DEH offered will help me throughout my life.  My work as a Teaching Assistant of DEH, as editor of MUSE, the student magazine, and the Paper Canoe literary club activities as well as my academic involvements in translation projects and the research centers at ULAB shaped me into who I am today. So, no matter where I go in search of the dream that I wove about my life and career, I will proudly keep saying, “I am Piu Chowdhury and I am a student of the Department of English and Humanities in ULAB.” DEH was an epiphany, an identity, a solace, and a place where I found myself! At DEH, I did not only have an experience, I LIVED an experience.

Piu Chowdhury (Batch 141)
Gold Medalist, Summa cum Laude
Currently, MA Student and Research Assistant
Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media, University of Manitoba
Recipient of the International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS) and Fellowship for Educational Purposes,  University of Manitoba
Author of: The Thoughts of an Insomniac Owl and Inside the Mind of The Lemon Poet

The constant support which I got from my teachers in the Department of English & Humanities has shaped my ideology to become a better human being, has provided me courage to face any and every challenge in my life and has helped me to gather a third-eye opening experience. As a student, I could enhance my academic knowledge. As a teaching assistant, I have learned a lot of administrative activities from my mentors. I have learned from interpreting a text to interpreting a human. Every single class or event that I attended helped me to get my first job as Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature at Premier University Chittagong. I am so proud of my teachers. Thanking them is just not enough. I am in the process of becoming a teacher—with aspirations to be a good one just like my respected teachers at DEH, ULAB. I call DEH mine because I share a beautiful bond with the department. DEH is my mother institution and I have learned from it like a baby learns from her mother. So, wherever I go and whatever I do, I will make my DEH proud.

Jainab Tabassum Banu Sonali (BA – Batch 122; MA – Batch 161)
Lecturer, Department of Language and Literature
Premier University, Chittagong 

The academic and professional skills that the Department of English and Humanities (DEH) has trained me with is responsible for the person I have become today. DEH is my dream center; every event and course gave me great opportunities to improve my skills. I have become a confident person because all my professors motivated and guided me through every step of my academic year. It is needless to mention that DEH has the best faculty members who love their students by sharing knowledge and guidance beyond classrooms. Choosing DEH at ULAB has been the best decision of my life. DEH is my safe space where I was reborn as a new Rubaiyat.

Khadija Rubaiyat Tasmia (BA – Batch 142; MA – Batch 193)
Supervisor, The English Zone, ULAB
U.S. Exchange Alumna, CCI 2015-16

I still remember having to give up two years of studying BA in English at another university just to get admitted into ULAB. Looking back, I think this has been the best decision of my life. The broad spectrum that the Department of English and Humanities offers not just allowed me to explore the different genres of academics but also helped me to flourish in extracurricular activities. I believe this is one of the major reasons why I was selected for a fully-funded Masters program at a reputed US university. But my dream of higher studies would not have come true without the immense support of my faculty members. I will always be grateful to them. Memories of ULAB will always hold a special place in my heart.

Maria Zaman (Batch 151)
Student, Masters in English Language and Literature
Graduate Teaching Assistant and Composition Instructor
University of North Dakota

Joining the Department of English and Humanities at ULAB is one the best decisions I have made so far. Apart from the knowledge and proficiency I have gained, DEH has encouraged me to think globally and spread my wings. My overall experience exceeded my expectations and DEH has become a part of me to define every step I take as I venture into the school of life. The faculty members at DEH have made me stronger and taken me a step ahead in shaping who I am today. DEH has provided me with the opportunities to develop my interpersonal skills through which I am able to transform lives today. As I continue to grow, I intend to make an impact on the lives I meet en route through my learning and experiences at DEH. This is not just a department, it is a feeling.

Sakib Hasan (Batch 151)
ELT- Consultant: Action Aid, Bangladesh
MA in TESOL, Department of English & Modern Languages, North South University

Department of English and Humanities is an alternate name for affection, knowledge, and family to me. This department has made me acquainted with a thirst for knowledge. My Department Head’s words completely changed my vision when he told me to “always dream big!” This has given me an entirely new perspective on life. Though the entire department helped through my journey, Dr. Mahmud Hasan Khan sir inspired me to become a linguist.

DEH will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful to DEH, ULAB and, of course, my mentors who have made me today’s Sinthia.

Sadia Sinthia (BA – Batch 131; MA – Batch 153)
Masters of Applied Linguistics, Monash University, Australia

Just after my graduation from the Department of English and Humanities, I started working at XCMG, a multinational company, as a Relationship Executive. After a year, I joined Bengal Foundation as an Executive in the Communication Department. Now I am working at The City Bank Limited in the Priority Division as an Assistant Relationship Manager. I mention my different jobs here to stress how literature gave me the freedom to choose a job that I enjoy and opened my eyes to see the world differently. The exposure I gained helped me to understand the various perspectives of any situation. DEH has been a blessing in my life and it is from here that I learned to accept changes with enthusiasm to become a better me. I am a proud DEHian.

Farzana Akhtar (Batch 131)
Assistant Relationship Manager
The City Bank Ltd

My decision to take admission at the Department of English and Humanities (DEH) in the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) was not pre-planned, but that sudden decision just changed my life. I began to reinvent myself after choosing to pursue my degrees as a Literature major. At DEH, learning is more than earning grades. I started seeing the beauty of liberal arts, a pursuit of holistic knowledge that engages us with life. Our extremely qualified faculty, most of whom have years of experience of teaching or studying abroad, instilled a passion in me for active learning. They opened my eyes and made me see more than just what the front door had been showing me for years. They taught me to expand the horizons of my mind and understand the wide world outside. It was indeed a journey through excellence. And the greatest lesson that my university has given me is a belief that I can bring change not only to myself but also to the people around me, the world around me.

Hosneara Yesmin Eti (BA – Batch 112; MA – Batch 153)

It had been an epistemological journey doing Masters in English Literature and Cultural Studies at ULAB. In an expansive green permanent campus with well equipped class rooms and modern amenities, the program is conducted by scholars and well experienced faculty members. They have influenced and inspired me to construct my knowledge in different genres, relating them to theories by revisionists and revolutionists. Previously completing both BBA and MBA from leading local and international institutions and serving two conglomerates, I have long nourished an ambition to do an MA in Creative Writing which can best be nurtured in the beautiful politics free ambiance of ULAB. In the epoch of globalization, competition is fierce and one has to prove that she/ he is unique. A totality of perseverance, eagerness to learn and presenting literary skills in a creative manner are quintessential to creating and sustaining a position in any future profession. I want to prepare myself as a writer of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and poetry. Since childhood, I had a passion to be heard and read. This has driven me to enroll for my second MA in English at ULAB in the Creative Writing track which will enable me to reconstruct my literary skills through the guidance of eminent scholars of our country and getting my best works published.

Tanzim Aziz (MA – Batch 153)
Magna Cum Laude

My educational journey throughout my BA (Hons) and MA has been wonderful. Frankly speaking, I have learned a lot from ULAB. I started with a lower CGPA but I was able to achieve an almost perfect CGPA by the end of my undergraduate program. That inspired me to the right path of completing my MA degree from the same university. Though the MA journey was a little hard, I strove to learn from this university. I wanted to grasp more and will miss those mind-blowing lectures from my DEH faculty members. I was the first from my batch at DEH to get a full-time job before finishing my undergraduate degree. This made my family and friends proud of me – and all credit goes to my ULAB. I want to pursue higher studies abroad and ULAB has given me the confidence to do so. I will miss ULAB!

Afroza Akhter Toma (MA – Batch 162)

When I first began at ULAB, I had no idea that it would take me on such a fulfilling journey. Before this, I did not possess any viable skills, but the English and Humanities department challenged me to take on tough responsibilities, like organizing events and even becoming the Editor of the newsletter The Golden Bough. ULAB made me what I am today – confident, well-educated, with the ability to take on the challenges of life and work.

Wafiur Rahman (Batch 082)
Staff Sub Editor, The Dhaka Tribune

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