Crossings: Volume 11 (2020)

Crossings: Volume 11 (2020)


Front Matter

Editorial Note

Occasional Paper

Inspired by the Bengal Renaissance: Rokeya’s Role in the Education and Emancipation of Bengali (Muslim) Women
Mohammad A. Quayum

Literature and Cultural Studies

Dionysian Africa as an Antithesis of the Apollonian West
Shibly Azad

The Gender Politics of Viraha: On Questions of Self and the Other
Bashabi Barua

Consciousness-Raising in Amitav Ghosh’s Ecocritical Novel The Hungry Tide
Tej N Dhar

Hoarding Spaces: The Laboratory in Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde and Wells’s The Invisible Man
Md. Ishrat Ibne Ismail

Roots of Power and Resistance: An Allegorical Reading of Syed Waliullah’s Lal Shalu and Tree Without Roots
Munasir Kamal and Soumya Sarker

The Water Ethic: An Elemental-Ecocritical Reading of T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
Shibaji Mridha

The Trope of Death in Ahmed Yerima’s Mojagbe
Solomon Olusayo Olaniyan and Ayo Kehinde

The Struggle of Memory against Forgetting in Kamila Shamsie’s Salt and Saffron
Khan Touseef Osman

Exonerating Eve: The Brontës’ Reversal of the Masculinist Metanarrative
S M Mahfuzur Rahman

The Micropolitics of Class and Class Consciousness: A Reading of Akhtaruzzaman Elias’ Khoabnama
S A M Raihanur Rahman

“The best in this kind are but shadows”: Pathos of Aesthetic Alienation in New Grub Street and The Sandman
Nishat Atiya Shoilee

Understanding Deviant Space: A Study of the Subversion of Power Dynamics in Paharganj
Kazi Ashraf Uddin

Language and Applied Linguistics

Exploring the Status of Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills after the Introduction of their Tests in Secondary Level Education
Md. Nahid Ferdous Bhuiyan and Md. Shamsul Huda

Confusion as an Ideological Tool in Malaysian Newspaper Op-eds
Mahmud Hasan Khan and Moses Stephens Gunams Samuel

The Impact of Bangla-English Code-Switching in Advertisement Posters
Md. Nasim Fardose Sajib, Nurun Nahar and Nusrat Zahan

Bangladeshi Undergraduates’ Attitudes towards Teachers’ Feedback on Mid-term Scripts
Sadia Afrin Shorna and Iffat Jahan Suchona

The Writing Process and Formative Assessment
Jimalee Sowell

Book Review

Adventures of a Scholar Gypsy: The Life and Work, So Far, of Bruce King
Kaiser Haq

Note to Contributors

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