Pink and Blue: Gendered Consumerism | Shehreen Ataur Khan

Pink and Blue: Gendered Consumerism | Shehreen Ataur Khan

Pink and Blue: Gendered Consumerism 
Shehreen Ataur Khan

Abstract: This paper deals with the large scale usage of gender-specific colors in media representation and promotional activities of several products in the consumer world. Irrespective of region and race, the association of the color pink with females and blue with males has become a part of consumer culture worldwide and, consequently,has resulted in a consumerism conditioned by gender. Such a trend is eventually leading to gender stereotypes and sexism among consumers. In this paper, the author gives a brief historical account on gendered consumerism followed by an analysis of the current consumer culture where trends in the entertainment and cosmetics industries are analyzed. The paper discusses the impact of gendered consumerism by presenting an online survey conducted among 200 consumers. It also attempts to propose a few solutions like androgyny and alternative marketing promotions to subvert the fixated color representation.

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Published in 2017

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