Crossings: Special Volume (2015)

Crossings: Special Volume (2015)

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Keynote Address: Life, Labor and the Picturesque: A Colonial Imaginary of East Indians in the West Indies
Jenny Sharpe

Tangled Encounters with the Indian Other: English Women Travel Writers Confronting India
Zerin Alam

Literary Histories and Literary Futures: The Indian Novel in English
Ulka Anjaria

Banglaphone Fiction: British Sylhetis in Writing by Londoni Authors
Claire Chambers

Reading Poetry Slam: Body as Poetic Text – Andrea Gibson, “I do”
Seo In Cho

Dreamscape and the Carnivalesque: An Intertextual Analysis of The Tempest and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Nakibuddin Haider

The Writer in Exile: Anita Brookner’s Cultural Identity
Rebecca Haque

Uses of (Media) Technology in Constructing Diasporic Home in the Shorter Fiction of Jhumpa Lahiri
Rezaul Haque

Colonial Separation and Identity in Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen
Md. Ishrat Ibne Ismail

The Theme of Duality and Epiphanic Moments in the Works of Emily Brontë
Sohana Manzoor

Allen Ginsberg’s Blake Vision
Shamsad Mortuza

To Look Back Is to Suffer: The Lost ‘Masculinity’ of Esthappen in The God of Small Things and the Loss of a Conforming Childhood Memory of the Contemporary Young Men in Bangladesh
Abdullah Al Muktadir

From Text to Technology: Evolution of Literature Teaching
Vikarun Nessa and Faria Alam

Violence and New Media Ethics: An Insight
Arafat Noman

A Rhetoric of Decency: An Essay on Identification and Recursivity in George Orwell’s Writings on Spain
Shakil Rabbi

Of Movies and Money
Anika Saba

Living with Nature in the City: An Ecocritical Reading of Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
Eun Bin Suk

Canonization: The Megalomaniac’s Way to Dictate the State
Tahsina Yasmin

Language and Applied Linguistics

Importance of Multi-Stakeholder Needs Analysis to Develop LSP Module: Migrant Workers’ Module in Perspective
Debashismoy Dutta and Prabal Das Gupta

Reforming a Community to Serve the Underserved: ESP Modules for Midwifery Course at BRAC University
Mohammad Aminul Islam and Mohammad Golam Mohiuddin

Learning Language through Literature: A Study of Maugham’s “The Luncheon” and Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
Md. Shahjahan Kabir and Md. Inamul Haque Sabuj

MOOC Mania: Implications and Collaboration for English Language Teachers
Asek Amin Miraj and Mohammad Aminul Islam

An Acculturation Model Based on Motivation for Foreign Language Learning in Bangladesh
Subarna Selim and Sababa Monjur

Facebook Could Motivate EFL Learners to Develop Genre Based Writing Skills: A Study on Bangladeshi Undergraduate Learners’ Emersion in Free Writing Space
Md. Abu Sufian and Md. Mahbubul Islam

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