Teaching ‘Listening’ as an ‘English Language Skill’ | Mili Saha

Teaching ‘Listening’ as an ‘English Language Skill’ | Mili Saha

Teaching ‘Listening‘ as an ‘English Language Skill
Mili Saha

Abstract: Listening skill is elementary for EFL, or ESL learners. It is the most frequently used one among the four skills of a language. Beginners of EFL need more listening input than the other learners. Although English has been taught as a foreign language in our country for long, we can overlook neither the contribution of practising listening in order to be successful nor the failure rooted in its absence in teaching or learning English. So, in this essay I have attempted to discuss the essentiality and utility of listening as a skill in the field of ESL or EFL through depicting the form, variety and necessity of listening, as well as strategies and phases of teaching listening formulating.


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Published in Fall 2009

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